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It was determined that they weren't going out far enough and on the second patrol that ventured further, Jim Bolan and the combined unit ran into the back of a VC ambush. Citations are generated automatically from bibliographic data as [42] On 11 July, wounded men and medical officers of the regiment's third battalion, were captured by German forces; one of the medical officers would later be killed by friendly fire and buried at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, while the other was liberated at Chteau-Thierry while taking care of wounded prisoners of war. Cemeteries & Memorials; Burial Search; About Us; Education; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube; Instagram; ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite WASSI, Inc for Hosting Our Site Medic Marvin Cole nearly had a Chinook land on top of him in the fog. [46] This was followed by fighting in the Hrtgen Forest;[47] during the battle the regiment captured Frenzerburg Castle. [64]:75 By May of that same year it began to conduct combat operations near Ap Bac;[64]:77 that same month, the regiment's 4th Battalion completed operations in Rung Sat and began operations in the Mekong Delta. Tom Agnew was apprehensive on the way to Vietnam and wondering if he was up to the task. This Face Book Page is dedicated to the men who served and died with the 4th/47th Infantry Regiment of the To him, it was an honorable enterprise and the only right course at the time and it is his belief that it contributed to the fall of Soviet communism. On one of his first missions, he learned not to triage the wounded too quickly. Jim Littig shuffled through several assignments as the war was winding down for US forces. (Caution: coarse language.). The 47th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment of the United States Army. Two regiments of 1st ARVN Division launch Operation LAM SON 235, a nine-day search-and destroy operation in Quang Tri Province. 9th Infantry Division In the 1994 film Forrest Gump, the eponymous main character was a member of the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam, notably: 4th Platoon, Company A, 2nd Battalion, 47th Infantry. Part 3 of 4. The forces scattered and hid, so new tactics were called for. Web25/ fev. The 9th Infantry Division (Division) was first activated during World War I, but was never deployed to Europe. [64]:76, During the conflict three of the regiment's battalions served;[11] the 2d Battalion was deployed from January 1967 until October 1970, the 3d Battalion was deployed from January 1967 until July 1969, and the 4th Battalion was deployed January 1967 until July 1969. [56], The regiment's lineage is as follows:[57], The regiment's campaign participation credits, and decorations, are as follows:[57], World War I: Aisne-Marne; St. Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Champagne 1918; Lorraine 1918, World War II: Algeria-French Morocco (with arrowhead); Tunisia; Sicily; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe, Vietnam: Counteroffensive, Phase II; Counteroffensive, Phase III; Tet Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase IV; Counteroffensive, Phase V; Counteroffensive, Phase VI; Tet 69/Counteroffensive; Summer-Fall 1969; Winter-Spring 1970; Sanctuary Counteroffensive; Counteroffensive, Phase VII. Researchers or others who would like to make further use of these materials should contact the Veterans History Project for assistance. [24] The division was garrisoned around Winchester and during this time a number of personnel married local women. His action during this time earned him the Navy Cross. If the interviewee is deceased, their next-of-kin may grant written permission. They visited the various U.S. camp sites along with General Bradley, Commanding Officer of the 9th Infantry Division. [64]:81 On 19 May 1967, the 2d Brigade's headquarters came under attack on the banks of the M Tho River, and the regiment's 3d Battalion was heavily engaged in thwarting the attack. Staff Sergeant Jlynn Ross 47th Infantry Regiment Missing: 03/17/1968, Recovered: 2/8/1993 Chief Warrant Officer Third Class William A. Smith 9th Aviation Battalion Missing: 09/27/1968, Recovered: 5/5/1999 It wasn't any ragtag Viet Cong, it was a battalion of NVA that was assaulting the artillery battery where Sammy Davis was stationed in the Mekong Delta. Apparently his original name was Whisky, but the GIs named him in honor of a cook whose nickname was Hambone, Gilbertson said. He and his medical platoon performed missions treating civilians in their villages and he relates a chilling story of a child used by the enemy to attack one of these operations. Private First Class William P. Fesken, Served with Company A, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division, United States Army Vietnam. When he located the besieged squad, the battle became intense and they were in danger of being wiped out. After an incident at the Tet Offensive, he went through what he calls the longest day of his life, as he had to deal with an incredibly complicated situation. After the Tet Offensive, he remembers having to deal with a lot of the bureaucracy that came with the ongoing war. E-5, Army, Vietnam War, 1961-1975 - Fort Ord, California; Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Fort Myer, Virginia; Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Landing Zone (LZ) Betty, Vietnam. He describes the tactics he used to fight the enemy and recalls one memorable fight in which his men and an NVA unit charged at each other in darkness. When John St. Peters joined Richey's company as a replacement, he was not used to this particular procedure. Great Britain. Witness to War is a non-profit dedicated to preserving the oral histories of combat veterans through digital video interviews. Home US Army 9th Infantry Division Index 2nd Brigade 2-66 to 9-67. WebWW2 US ARMY 29th infantry patch and DI - 110.00. This occupation is confirmed by a plaque on the wall adjacent to the doorway. These men were now vastly different from those who sailed from America to invade North Africa. Can I cut the mustard? When a new pilot checked in, David Farthing asked where he was before. 9th Infantry Division, 47th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion Mechanized, Jim Littig - Army, Mike Leonard - Air Force, LTG (Ret) John Le Moyne - Army, Tony Nadal - Army, Sammy Davis - Army, David Farthing - Navy, Tim Dunn - Marines, Roye Wilson - Army, Marvin Cole - Army, Tom Buchan - Army, LTG (Ret) Lawson W. Magruder III - Army, Mike Morris - Army, Dave Oliver - Air Force, Richard Jackson - Marines, Freddie Owens - Army, Bill Pearson - Army, Laurie Druyor - Navy, Tommy Clack - Army, Stuart Jamison - Army, Joe McDonald - Army, George Forrest - Army, LtGen Ron Christmas - Marines. Hambone Jr. the dog . redesignated as the 9th Infantry Division]), Activated 10 August 1940 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Activated 15 July 1947 at Fort Dix, New Jersey, Reorganized and redesignated 1 April 1957 as Headquarters and Busbin, Blake - Olivia Thompson - Norwood, James A. FOR SALE! 1st Artillery Regiment 98.3.1, 391.2.1 1st Aviation Brigade (Army Vietnam) 472.7.4 sound recordings 472.7.7 1st Battalion 319.29 1st Brigade (American Forces in Germany) 120.11.3 1st Brigade (Army Philippines commands) 395.14.4 1st Brigade (Army Vietnam) 472.7.3 1st Carrier Task Force 313.5.3 1st Cavalry 391.3.2 Aside from taking leaves to nearby London and partying in Alresfords many pubs, the soldiers of the 47th Infantry Regiment had someone special to help keep their minds away from the stresses of combat. WebBrice Barnes | Vietnam | 9th Infantry Division, 47th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion Mechanized | 5:46 Brice Barnes remembers some of the most important things he gained On a lighter note, he remembers the songs that he heard there and that take him back to that time. The politicians decided they would leave and they did. Now they were an experienced combat outfit and it was felt with a little polish and more training they could match anything Hitler had to offer. During Desert Storm, his unit was mobilized to provide support for training for that conflict. According to a 1994 story titled Alresford remembers the sacrifice and spirit of D-Day and printed in the Hampshire Chronicle, Alresford residents and 9th Infantry Division veterans paid tribute to Hambone Jr. and fallen comrades during the 50th anniversary of D-Day. [61] In 1966, at Fort Riley, both the 2d and 3d Battalions were reactivated, with the 3d Battalion being reassigned to 9th Infantry Division. Warwick, Rhode Island. He marveled at the toughness and courage of the fighters who traced the unit's lineage back to the French Colonial Airborne. On one of his first missions, he learned not to triage the wounded too quickly. 26 talking about this. It was determined that they weren't going out far enough and on the second patrol that ventured further, Jim Bolan and the combined unit ran into the back of a VC ambush. Forward air controller Mike Leonard went up to Ban Me Thuot to help out for a few days. The place made quite an impression on him. [10] In late July, the regiment along with the rest of 7th Infantry Brigade, was briefly attached to the VII French Army Corps near Bois du Chitelet;[12]:93 it was then sent to bolster the beleaguered 42nd Division at Ourcq. Dates of Service: 1968-1974. [8][59] although, the regiment was withdrawn from the Combat Arms Regimental System and was reorganized into the United States Army Regimental System. // -->. WebGitHub export from English Wikipedia. It was then the men knew their stay in Hampshire was to prepare for their next military operation, i.e. Tom Agnew was apprehensive on the way to Vietnam and wondering if he was up to the task. Withdrawn Web9th Infantry Division (ARVN) Stuart Jamison recalls observing the reality and immediacy of death as his unit assaults a Viet Cong company during Phase II of the Tet Offensive. WebThe 9th Infantry Division began withdrawing in summer 1969, leaving its 3rd Brigade behind as a separate unit (under command of 25th Infantry Division) until Oct 1970. The old Civic Cinema in Station Road, where the men couldrelax and watch movies. [25], Still in North Africa, along with the rest of the 9th Division, the regiment fought in the Battle of El Guettar, which resulted in a significant number of casualties;[26] for actions during the battle, the regiment's commander, received the Distinguished Service Cross (he would later go on to be promoted to be the assistant division commander of the 77th Division). 250 enemy soldiers perished. Menu. Infantry, Organized 1 June 1917 at Syracuse, New York, (47th Infantry assigned 19 November 1917 to the 4th Division), Inactivated 22 September 1921 at Camp Lewis, Washington, (47th Infantry relieved 15 August 1927 from assignment to the [8], In 1961, the regiment's 2nd Battle Group (the redesignated 2d Battalion) was deployed to Germany. that he could collect all the waste food for his pigs during the time away from Alresford.There were now so many jeeps and half- track vehicles hidden in the woods on the Northington Estate that Les gave up counting them. Recently, the Association changed from a 501(C) 19 veterans group to a 501(C) 3 not-for-profit group. FOR SALE! concurrently assigned to the 9th Infantry Division and activated at Fort Riley, Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army, where he attained the rank of When he had to miss a much anticipated Navy lunch aboard ship, he was disappointed, but it turned out that he was lucky. After eating breakfast early in the morning, a sergeant told Richey and some other men to inspect guns in the armors room. After firing every round he had, he saw a wounded American on the other side of the river. He relates the story of LT Dick Anshus and a downed pilot who were captured. [56][35] In December 1946, the regiment was deactivated in Germany. However, celebrations over, the troops settled down to training, ever mindful of the real task which lay ahead. Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Personal Narratives. Part 1 of 2. During the two week 2800 mile trip, instructive talks on Great Britain began. [30] Along with the rest of the 9th Infantry Division, the regiment was sent to Sicily, in 1943;[28][31] in Sicily the regiment was tangentially involved during the Battle of Troina, which saw the 9th Infantry Division's other infantry regiments in significant combat. It could be tough getting resupplied in the field in Vietnam. In 1966 the Division was reactivated for deployment to Vietnam under General William C. Westmoreland, a veteran of the 47th Infantry Regiment and part of the 9th Division during WWII. Christmas 1943 was a much happier period than the previous Christmas spent in North Africa. Once the preliminaries of getting the troops billeted into the various camps was completed, the men were anxious to explore the countryside and meet the local folk. Czarnecki, Jeanne, David Addison, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, and Charles William Gill. [49] During the Battle of the Bulge, the regiment served as a cornerstone of American resistance around Eupen. The Division incurred 2,624 causalities and was inactivated in 1969, then reactivated in 1972 and served as an equipment testing Division at Ft. Lewis, Washington until 1991. After having fought in French Morocco, Tunisia and Sicily, the men of the 9th Infantry Division boarded the troopship and headed for England on the 11th of November 1943. Part 3 of 4. In a letter home, Tommy Clack expressed his worry that something bad was going to happen and it did when his unit engaged the NVA near the Cambodian border. The Marines who came to pick him up were dirty and dusty and haggard looking. 1968, * Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm for VIETNAM During the actions in Normandy, the 47th U.S. Infantry Regiment, that was billeted in and around Alresford, received their first Distinguished Unit citation in battle which reads The 47th Infantry Regiment is cited for extraordinary gallantry and outstanding performance of duty from 21st to 26th June 1944, during which time it assaulted and captured four heavily fortified enemy held positions and penetrated the heart of Cherbourg. [63] In addition to riverine operations, the regiment also conducted air mobile operations. (Caution: coarse language.). [8], The regiment was formed from cadre from the 9th Infantry Regiment;[9] the regiment was organized at Camp Syracuse on 1 June 1917. WebA group for Veterans and Active Duty Soliders of the 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry Regiment. Czarnecki, Jeanne, et al. Les Harness remembers the training and manoeuvres over a three week period with men under canvas on the Herriard Estate. The Division endured 23,277 causalities during WWII, the second highest causality rate among the 91 divisions during the war. All Rights Reserved. [64]:171, Following the regiment's deployment to Vietnam, its battalions were progressively inactivated. [36] The regiment reached Saint-L-d'Ourville, via Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, Saint-Sauveur-de-Pierrepont, and Neuville-en-Beaumont, by 18 June. Brice Barnes remembers having to talk sternly to some of his soldiers in order to ensure order within camp. Why were the Montagnard units getting no contact? Mr. Harness remembers seeing the convoy of cars enter the Grange, VIPs walk into the building and then close the large doors. Overall, though, things were getting better and it was his opinion that it had a lot to do with the new top commander, Creighton Abrams. Members of the 47th Infantry Regiment owed a particular debt of gratitude to Lord and Lady Tichborne and Mr & Mrs. Campbell-Browning who furnished them with billets. Richey tells several funny stories that happened during his time in Vietnam. (Interview conducted at, and with the assistance of, the Military Heritage Museum- https://freedomisntfree.org/.). At the end of World War II the U.S. Ninth Infantry Division published facts and figures of their casualties totaling 22.292. received an Emmy nomination.September 28th in NYC,