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DarkFlash TR120 Water Liquid Cooling AIO CPU Cooler Radiator 120mm Fan RGB Sync CPU Water Cooling For LGA 2011/1156/AM3+/AM4

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1. Dynamic Multicolor RGB Lighting: Vibrant RGB LED pump head produces vivid lighting effects to match your build. Air flow 45 CFM. Noise level 16.0 decibels.

2. Powered by Magnetic Levitation: Two low noise 120mm TR Series magnetic levitation PWM fans deliver incredible airflow and static pressure at low noise levels.

3. Integrated water cooling, maintenance-free, there is already a cooling liquid inside the product, no need to add water and cold liquid for life.

4. Woven mesh high quality rubber water cooled tube, zero penetration, durable and durable. Efficient heat dissipation, brilliant light efficiency.

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1. Support the motherboard synchronization.

2. Water block design: The delicate design of the water block is much critical to improve the overall appearance of the water cooling.

3. Light strip design: Match with the attractive and fantastic colors to show the light effects in an extreme way. Perfectly show the minimalist design.

4. Material and the manufacturing operation: The selective, thermal conductive materials and the wavy blackened fin design is better for cooling and show the perfect product to game players.

5. The wavy blackened fin design: TR series of water-coolings’ wavy design increase the effective heat radiating area drastically, which is beneficial to heat exchange effect and offer the larger space. It means we could use the silent fans to blow through the cold rowto improve the cooling effect.

6. Easy to install: Support inter and AMD both, all-platform to make the installation wasier.

7. Braided water cooling tube: Using the woven-net materials to be safer and make the product good-looking.

— Specifications: 1) TDP: 350W

2) Fan 1. Size: 120*120*25mm/ 4.72 * 4.72 * 0.98in (L * W * H) 2. Speed: 800~1800RPM+/-10%RPM 3. Air Flow: 30~70CFM 4. Cable: 2510-4pin+ARGB-3Pin 5. Noise: 18-30dBA 6. Connector: 4 pin 7. Bearing: Fluid dynamic bearing

3) Water Pump: 1. Size: 75*75*53mm 2. Speed: 2400+/-10% 3. Voltage: 12V 4. Noise: 23dBA 5. Support: Intel: LGA 2066/2011 V3/2011/115X AMD: AM4/AM3+/AM3FM2+/FM2

4) Radiator 1. Size: 153*120*27mm 2. Material: Aluminum

— Package Included: 1 x Water Cooling 1 x Thermal Paste 1 x Installation Kit 1 x User’s Manual


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